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Composing for Emotions

Emotions are tricky things.  It is so easy to get it wrong and strike a discordant note.

All photographs evoke an emotional response at some level.

In my experience pictures with powerful emotional content are rarely manufactured, and tend to be found.

I found this composition – I’m interested in what you think:

toy swing pram  copyright adrian nixon

Toy Swing Pram IMG_6395

People I’ve shown this to have reacted in the same way, it seems to pull at the heartstrings.

The composition is quite simple using framing and a central theme that compliments the portrait format.

The blurred nature of the picture seems appropriate too.

If you are affected by this picture I can offer reassurance if you leave a comment.


Blue Yellow

Simplicity again in this one.

Blue and Yellow

Blue and Yellow

The colour contrast and repetition of the blue tubes is rather appealing.

The Yellow is a warm advancing colour and the blue a cooler receding colour.

The rhythm works creating calm.  I included the yellow in the composition to add interest because there is a fine line between calm and boredom.

It has an abstract quality that keeps you thinking, what is it?