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Which of these two landscapes do you prefer?

I was prompted to go out and take these pictures this weekend partly because the weather had improved and the skies were more interesting than the dull grey cloud we have had for the last few weeks.

The other reason was one of my friends suggested I try comparing photographs that I thought worked well with those that didn’t work quite so well.  I’d like to see if your opinion is the same as mine.

So, here are two photographs taken within seconds of each other

The Landscape format

Path near Burnsall February  (Landscape Format)

Path near Burnsall February (Landscape Format)

The Portrait format


Path near Burnsall in February

Path near Burnsall in February (Portrait Format)

Please feel free to leave comments as well as add to the poll



Is Photographic Composition Absolute or Relative?

A good friend of mine mentioned that i should include pictures that did not work well as a comparison to those I thought did work.


This set me thinking……. there are “rules” of composition but are these:

  • Absolute – fixed unmovable points.  baselines from which you can all work
  • or
  • Relative – subjective and infinitely variable depending on the context in which they are viewed.

I’m curious to know what you think