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Perspectives on Landscape:  The Yorkshire Dales



Perspectives on Landscape: The Southern Yorkshire Dales

A 10”x8” full colour book containing a collection of 36 photographs that were taken in Wharfedale, Littondale and Airedale which are the main Southern Dales in Yorkshire, England.

I designed this book to be read on two levels:

  • It is a book of photographs of the Yorkshire Dales in England
  • It is also a book about the thinking behind the photographs and the way the composition works.

Whatever your interest I hope you enjoy the book.

You can browse the contents by clicking on the widget below, the pages will turn at the click of the mouse, you can even buy the book if you choose.


One response

  1. This book is beautifully balanced in terms of stunning photographs, eloquent text and insights into your craft and thinking. For me, this lifts it way above other books on photography because my appreciation of the images is enhanced by the other content. The landscapes themselves look deeply moving but your photographs have captured moods which cause deep emotional responses to them so this is a very special book indeed.

    December 7, 2010 at 9:08 am

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