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The ghost on the bridge

I’m realising that questionning the assumption of sharpness in photography can be quite liberating.

Here is another straight shot:

The Ghost on the Bridge

The Ghost on the Bridge

I’m interested in what you think.



Painting-like effects in photography without photoshop

This is a straight shot, apart from a little cropping the photograph is pretty much as taken.

Under the trees

Under the trees

On Sharpness…

This has a painterly like quality to it.

Too often as photographers we are pressed to create pin-sharp images where every single detail is resolved in perfect order.

It doesn’t have to be like that, well not all the time anyway.

One of the difficulties in composing photographs, is how to be different.  this sounds easy but it is incredibly hard to do.  There are lots of people out there taking photographs and adding to the global collection most of these are sort of carbon copies of one another.

In our mass-produced society being different is  a highly prized condition.  When you think you have something different, tell people about it, add to the richness of human creativity.  If you find out it has been done before well you can always give it another go.

Being different makes you think harder and live a little more intensely, isn’t that a fascinating thought?


Going with Instinct, a riot of colour

Sometimes I just need to forget any rules and submit to a riot of colour.

I love this, why?  I have no idea!  I just know it is a good shot and the colours are fantastic.

My reaction to this is to say – pure fun.

a riot of colour

a riot of colour

In case you are wondering where this was taken, it is a detail in the famous long borders at Newby Hall in the UK.

Creating a sense of calm

The calm is created by the rhythm of the repeating lines of the lime trees in this picture.  The repetition is  reassuring the more we look at the image.

I took a variant of this shot with some people walking down the aisle.  I found they altered the sense of calm. so I chose this photograph to share with you.  The mind can wander more when people are absent from a Landscape.

Avenue of Lime Trees

Avenue of Lime Trees

There are no threats to us here, it feels as though you could walk into the picture and explore the avenue in complete safety.  The protective canopy of the trees reinforces this subliminal feeling of care and safety.