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View of Sana’a in Yemen framed by an arch

The urban landscape presents lots of opportunities to frame photographs.

The rooftops in Sana’a in Yemen offer many opportunities to view the historic city.

Urban Landscape of Sana'a framed by an arch

Urban Landscape of Sana'a in Yemen framed by an arch

So why frame the picture?

  • Without the frame there is an open sky which was unremarkable
  • This would make just another cityscape
  • Using the frame adds interest in itself
  • The frame also concentrates the attention on the details within the arch

Holding the viewer’s attention:

  • This frame holds the attention of the viewer because you, the viewer notice the details in the arch.
  • The arch contains the same materials as the buildings in the distance
  • This creates a connection between the two, drawing you in, making you look closer, noticing the details of the buildings
  • The distant objects are brought closer, this is why the picture works

You can find out more about sana’a from wikipedia


One response

  1. Amazing shot, Nice frame..

    February 16, 2011 at 2:45 pm

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