A place to think about composition in photography

A different approach to framing a picture

Framing a picture is a common compositional device.

Framing places a boundary within the limits of the picture and controls the attention of the viewer.

Normally one would use an arch, doorway or a pair of trees, in the picture below I have chosen the reflective surface of the ball to contain a picture with the photograph and this makes you, the viewer look harder to try to make sense of what you see.

Framed cambridge museum IMG_5473c

Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge

The urban landscape lends itself to this type of shot.

Notice the horizon is deliberately excluded from the background.  The horizon is contained within the framed image so the background needs to be kept simple.


One response

  1. Ali

    Nice take, and nice framing..

    January 20, 2011 at 9:12 am

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