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Creating a sense of unease with Rhythm

This  picture is a different kind of landscape photograph, verging on the industrial.

The unsettling nature of the image is partly due to the subject.  Electricity pylons are intimidating structures in the own right.  The composition adds to the feeling of unease.

Pylons in the Cotswolds © Adrian Nixon

Pylons in the Cotswolds

The reason I chose this particular composition was to take advantage of the repeating rhythm of the structures.  The vanishing point is kept central and within the frame.  This emphasises the origin of the pylons giving an impression of indefatigable progress.  As the viewer looks at the photograph this vanishing point commands the attention leading into the unfathomable distance.  The low horizon emphasises the sky which was deliberately chosen to be dramatic.

Then you  notice the cables stretching towards you beyond the edge of the frame and you, the viewer unconsciously become aware that there must be more pylons to the left and right behind you.  This is what creates the unease, the almost subliminal impression that there is something out of your field of view but nonetheless perceived.


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